5 Amazing Mexican Desert Ideas


The perfect end to a delicious, homemade Mexican meal is an authentic Mexican dessert. Your family and guests will be delighted when you pull out a tray of tasty treats at the end of dinner. Best of all, they won’t even have to know how these recipes were easy to make.

With so many different types of amazing Mexican desserts, it’s simple to plan your next authentic Mexican meal that is truly unlike any other.

Churros: These are a very popular Mexican treat. Churros are often found at Mexican fairs and are loved by children and adults alike. Churros are made with dough that consists of sugar and flour and are fried in oil. Once the churros are golden brown, they are then rolled in cinnamon and sugar. These sticks are sweet and delicious. They’re easy enough for even the smallest hands to hold and enjoy.

Flan: This is a simple but appetizing dessert that is one of the most popular Mexican sweets. People all around the world enjoy the great taste and texture of flan. Flan is a sponge cake that is full of a sweet filling. Flan is made with many common ingredients, including sugar, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla extract, whole milk, and eggs. The flan is cooked in flan molds and comes out of the oven with a candied, caramelized topping. Recipes for flan vary and can be modified to add a unique touch.

Tres leches: This treat is also known as three milks cake and is just what you would expect. This sweet and decadent dessert is created with three different types of milk: sweetened condensed, evaporated, and whole milk. This cake is typically topped with fresh whipped cream to add even more flavor.

Empanadas: These are Mexican stuffed dough pockets that are made with cream cheese and butter dough. Fruit preserves are spread in the middle and the dough is folded over before baking. Once baked, these tasty cookies have sweet fruit in every bite.

Sopapilla: This dessert is a type of Mexican cheesecake. It is made using cream cheese and dough. Then it is sprinkled with tasty cinnamon and sugar before baking. Sopapilla is a fast and easy Mexican dessert.

All recipes can be modified to suit your own tastes, and ingredients can be substituted as needed to accommodate any dietary needs. For the best results, use the freshest ingredients available and experiment before your dinner with different ideas.  You can create your own masterpiece for your next meal.