Oct. 4 is National Taco Day | Ortega

Oct. 4 is National Taco Day

Yep, Oct. 4 is National Taco Day. Just another made-up food holiday in the States. But who's griping? Not me.

In 2012, Americans ate more than 4.5 billion tacos. No wonder this food has its own day! The National Taco Day website lists these taco types:
Tacos de Cabeza, which are the brain, tongue, eyes and lips of a cow’s head. Others include Tripe Tacos, Shrimp Tacos and Tacos Dorados. Taquitos or flautas are tortillas filled with cooked and shredded chicken or beef, rolled into tube or flute shapes and deep-fried until crispy.
Taco al Pastor, which means shepherd’s-style taco, is the most popular variety in Mexico. It generally consists of spiced pork, which is cut in slivers from a vertical spit over an open flame (similar to a gyro but not in taste). Breakfast Tacos, popular in the American Southwest, feature fried corn or flour tortillas rolled around a mixture of meat, eggs or cheese and topped with onions, salsa and avocado.
Ensenada, Mexico, is said to be the birthplace of the Fish Taco, battered fried fish stuffed into a hot corn or flour tortilla. Check out Celebrating National Taco Day.
Chef Aarón Sánchez and Ortega have teamed up to host a National Taco Day Twitter party that kicks off at 1 p.m. Oct. 4. Follow @Ortega and @Chef_Aaron for recipes, tips and tricks.