The History of the Taco

 A taco is a delicious dish that is found in households and restaurants all across the world. Tacos make an excellent family meal or party food because they are easy to make, inexpensive, and they can be created with a person’s preferences in mind. Being able to choose your own toppings gives tacos a personalized flavor. Lots of people enjoy tacos but the history behind this appetizing treat is interesting as well.

The exact timeline of the creation of tacos is unknown, but it has been estimated that tacos were first made around the 1500s. The earliest tacos were made with thin slices of meat cooked over coals. The meat was then placed in a corn tortilla and topped with salsa, onions, guacamole, and lime. This taco is known as the carne asada taco.

As the taco grew in popularity, different regions throughout Mexico began creating their own personalized versions. For instance there are De Cabeza, or head tacos, which were made with cow heads, or Carnitas, which were made with small pieces of pork.

The taco made its way to the United States and was first documented in the newspaper in 1905. This led to some changes in the original recipes for tacos. In the mid-1900s, hard shells were invented and made it easier than ever to create tacos. As tacos became a hit worldwide, taco stands and Mexican restaurants featuring tacos on the menu began popping up everywhere. Many casual dining and fast food restaurants began carrying tacos, including the franchise Taco Bell.

Tacos have been modified throughout the years to suit everyone’s tastes. Fish tacos, soft flour tortilla tacos, and other variations have made their way to households all across the world. Taco kits are a fast, easy, and convenient way to make terrific tacos at home in a hurry. These kits contain salsa, spices for meats, and taco shells. Adventurous cooks can make fun taco creations by experimenting in the kitchen with many different spices and ingredients.

The simplicity of the tacos makes tacos a food that almost anyone can make without spending a fortune. The ability to add delicious meats like chicken, fish, ground beef, and steak, as well as toppings such as lettuce, tomatoes, salsa, guacamole, and other ingredients offers endless combinations. With the versatility of tacos, it is easy to see why this simple food has become a worldwide sensation throughout the centuries.