Themed Birthday Parties: Fun food Creations


Throwing a birthday bash for your loved one is always an exciting adventure. You’ve got a great theme picked out, but what about the food? Keep it simple with delicious creations that everyone guest will love. No matter what your theme is, there is always a way to make partygoers happy with fun foods.

Summer birthdays are a great way to get the kids and family together when schools out. Hot days call for something cool. An ice cream social party gives kids a sweet treat with food that also meets the theme. Create “ice cream cone” tacos by rolling your soft shells into a cone shape and adding your favorite ingredients. Ortega’s Soft Taco Dinner Kit includes everything you’ll need for a wonderful and quick taco party. Shaping your tacos is easy, and allowing your partygoers to choose their own “toppings” is part of the joy. You can even scoop meat into the shell with real ice cream scoop to keep with the ice cream social theme.

Movie lovers are sure to have a good time at a birthday party that celebrates your favorite cinema classics. Awesome for kids, a movie themed party gives the little ones and parents some down time after a long day of party activities. Set your table up as a concession stand and have a variety of treats and snacks available. Flavored popcorn, soft pretzels and a variety of candies are wonderful for any day at the movies.

Slumber parties can quickly be transformed into a night by the campfire, complete with a campout feel. Set up a room or your backyard with a tent, sleeping bags and campfire stories to get the party started. Camping wouldn’t be the same without food that makes the theme come alive. Prepare hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids to snack on. When it’s time for desert, instead of a cake have each child find the perfect stick to roast marshmallows so they can create delicious s’mores. Don’t forget about breakfast! Silver dollar pancakes are a fantastic grab and go option for the next morning.

Sometimes the simplest birthday celebrations are the greatest. If you’ve got a theme picked out for a family party, don’t forget to incorporate the ideas into your meal planning. Creative food choices help to tie the theme together and make your party that much more fun.