Tips for Making Mexican Food Kid Friendly

If you have very young or picky eaters in your home, making Mexican food kid friendly may seem impossible. However, with a few simple steps, you can easily create delicious Mexican cuisine that kids of all ages will enjoy eating.

For younger children, focus on finger foods

Entrees that require using a knife and fork to eat or larger foods that need to be picked up can be difficult for tiny fingers to navigate from plate to mouth. Select easy-to-eat finger foods, like chimichangas, that are easy for children of all ages to eat. Tex-Mex recipes like nachos are also a great choice.

To get even the pickiest eaters to enjoy your Mexican meal, make your dish visually appealing

Adding color with different homemade sauces, tomatoes, and other vegetables and fruit makes any recipe look even more delicious. In addition to just making your food look good, adding healthy ingredients also provides much-needed vitamins and nutrition for a child.

Incorporate a child’s favorite foods into your Mexican meal to make sure that it is a hit

Chicken, steak, fish, fruits, and vegetables that a child loves can be used in many different Mexican recipes. Add plenty of fresh vegetables and healthy ingredients to put a new twist on old favorites, while this also makes the meal healthy and provides plenty of nutritional value.

When making Mexican food, let a child assist with the prep work for the meal

Many kids enjoy being involved with preparing food, and with simple recipes, even small children can assist in adding ingredients, stirring, and participating in creating a delicious meal that the whole family will enjoy. Have your child remove and place taco shells from the package to get them involved. Ortega Shells and Tortillas provide amazing flavor and allow children to place then on a baking sheet to prep for your dinner!

Introduce kids to Mexican food by slowly incorporating it into traditional recipes

Adding beans, meat, lettuce, and tomatoes to a pizza, for example, is a good way to get picky eaters to try something new. A Mexican-style pizza, although not authentic Mexican food, can allow kids to sample ingredients used in many real recipes to get accustomed to this type of cuisine. Recipes can be modified to suit the tastes of even the pickiest eater.

Finally, create a Mexican-inspired dessert to enjoy at the end of your meal

Many kids love eating dessert, and knowing that there is something sweet and tasty after a meal may motivate kids to eat the new food placed before them. Flan and dulce de leche are two tasty Mexican desserts that children and adults will love. Make your dessert healthier by using fresh fruit and other healthy ingredients.