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How to Choose Avocados

Luscious, silky avocados are a luxurious treat. A vegetable in some parts of the world and a fruit in others, avocados are also incredibly versatile.

It is fine to use an avocado that is a little overripe for mashing, but not for slicing - it will fall apart.

See the Related Tips for how to ripen and store an avocado.

Here are some great recipes using avocadoes!

Ortega Green Chile Guacamole;Avocado and Green Chile Soup and Beefy Bean Burritos.

1. Choose avocados with unblemished skin.

2. Pick up an avocado and make sure it feels heavy.

3. Press on the avocado, making sure it is soft enough to yield under your finger but not soft enough to leave a mark.

4. Make sure a Florida avocado is green with a yellow tone. A Hass avocado from California should be purplish black.