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How to Decorate a Mexican Home for Christmas

The nativity scene (El Nacimiento in Spanish) is the most important part of the Christmas decorations displayed in most Mexican homes.


Most people in Mexico use artificial Christmas trees.

On Christmas Eve, place Baby Jesus in the crib to complete the nativity scene.

1. Set up a nativity scene in your living room or another prominent place in the front of your home.

2. Arrange the scene on a tabletop covered with paper painted in earth tones (papel roca).

3. Use boxes to create a landscape with hills and mountains.

4. Select clay or plaster figurines to represent the Holy Family.

5. Add an angel, along with the animals, shepherds and their flocks.

6. Include a serpent and Lucifer to represent evil forces.

7. Scatter plastic toy houses to establish a village.

8. Use Spanish moss to hold all of the figures in place.

9. Decorate a small Christmas tree (arbolito), which can either be set up as part of the nativity scene or can be displayed in a separate room.

10. Display flor de Noche Buena (Christmas Eve Flower), known in English-speaking countries as poinsettia.