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How to Give Your Baby a Mexican Name

Carlos or Juan? Maria or Rosa? Go south of the border to choose a name for your child. Below are some Mexican names for children.

Keep in mind that these names come from various parts of the country and can be derived from different cultures. The spellings and meaning may vary slightly from region to region - check with your family or other resources if this is important in naming your child.

The J in Spanish is pronounced like an H.

1. Choose a happy, positive name for your child. For a girl, Clarita means bright and clear, Carmencita means song, and Novia means sweetheart. For boys, Alfonso means noble and eager.

2. Decide on a strong name. For girls, Alejandra means defender of humankind. Alejandro is the equivalent for boys. (The English forms are Alexandra and Alexander.) Carlos means strong and manly (the English version is Charles), Enrique means ruler of the household, and Fernando means daring and adventurous.

3. Select a heavenly name. For a girl, Gabriel means devoted to God and Juana means God is gracious. For boys, Jose means God will increase.

4. Opt for a name that symbolizes wisdom. For girls, Monica means advisor and Berta means brilliant ruler. For boys, Raul means wolf counselor.

5. Choose a name synonymous with beauty. For girls, Paloma means dove, Rosa means rose and Susana means lily.

6. Name your son Pablo or Pedro. Pablo means small; Pedro means small rock.

7. Name your daughter Alicia, which means truthful, or Teresita, which means reaper.