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How to Pack for a Trip to Mexico City

Go dressy casual when your plans include a visit to Mexico City. Leave the shorts and sleeveless tops at home, however, as they're not appropriate for either men or women.

Always pack suits in a garment bag to avoid excess wrinkles and misshapen garments postflight.

Bring a carry-on bag that includes all necessities - such as proof of citizenship, a change of clothes, all medications, spare contact lenses or glasses, all forms of money and any important documents - in case your luggage goes astray.

Pack to accommodate your needs. Leave superfluous items at home.

Mexico City's intense pollution can aggravate any respiratory condition. Carry any necessary prescriptions at all times and consult your doctor for further advice.

1. Pack business attire appropriate to your line of work. Keep suits dark and slightly formal. Women should keep skirt lengths to the knee and always wear hose.

2. Take lightweight to midweight summer clothes that are easy to layer. As the temperatures stay between 40 and 80 degrees F year-round, khakis, T-shirts, long skirts, button-down shirts, jeans and a few sweaters will suit your needs. A coat is necessary for visits during the fall and winter months.

3. Bring dressy-casual clothes for dinners out or evening performances. Men might opt for slacks, a finely knit sweater, a sports coat and loafers. Women will impress in a dress that hits at the knee or below and low heels.

4. Bring comfortable walking shoes for taking in the sites year-round. Close-toed sandals are appropriate for spring and summer.

5. Pack an umbrella for protection against rain showers from June through Sepetember.

6. Take along an antidiarrheal as water, ice and uncooked produce may cause extra trips to the bathroom.

7. Remember an electrical converter and adapter.