chicken enchileadas


1 package cream cheese
8oz.cheddar cheese and mozzerella cheese
8 to 10 oz. of salsa
3 to four pieces of boneless skinless chicken breasts(depends on how many people)
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 onion (do not need to use all or any but it does taste better)
2 packages of tortilla shells(12or more)pam for spraying the bottom of pan.
13x9 glass pan


1. take chicken and cook till not pink.

2.take in pan and put salsa and cream cheese start out with less and you can always use morecut your onion green and red pepper as small as possible. and to your salsa and cream cheese.

3.when chicken is done shredd into pieces and put with mixture.

4.stir very well.

5.take your 9x13 pan spray with pam.

6. take your tortilla shells and put mixture on torilla shell roll up thenflip so smooth side up do that till gone.

7. sprinke mozzerella and cheddar cheese on top. bake at 350-375. for 20 minutes or until melted.

8. serve with salsa or sour cream optional.
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