Yucatan Rice with Black Beans View Recipe

A blend of rice and black beans, with other traditional Mexican ingredients, that's sure to please a crowd!

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Chicken Tortilla Squares

Garden style salsa, minced cooked chicken and Mexican-style cheese make a savory dish for breakfast or brunch. Or, cut into small cubes, they make a p...

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Southwest Buffalo Chicken Tacos

What do you get when you combine your two favorite snacks, tacos and wings? The best southwest buffalo chicken tacos filled with chunk chicken breast ...

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Loaded Chicken Chili Nachos

 Take your ordinary nachos and turn them into loaded chicken chili nachos with chunk chicken breast....

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Chicken and Vegetable Fajitas

This will be your fajita favorito! A soft tortilla, stuffed with fresh vegetables and delicious chunk chicken breast....

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Chipotle Chicken Tacos

Take your taco to the max with chipotle seasoning and chunk chicken breast. ...

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Salsa Verde Chicken Salad Quesadillas

This is no ordinary quesadilla. Packed with chunk chicken breast it's sure to please your entire family....

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Chicken Fajitas

Chicken fajitas make an excellent quick dinner. Serve with a fresh green salad to complete the meal....

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Chicken Tacos

The whole family will enjoy these tasty tacos. The use of chicken is lower in fat than the traditional recipe with chopped beef so dieters can join in...

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Chili Blanco

Chili Blanco, or white chili, is light in color, but heavy on flavor. Made with chicken, beans and lots of herbs and spices. Crank up the heat by addi...

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