Tacos with a little extra "Kick"... and don't worry the cooking takes out the alcohol content but leaves the flavor in. (Heck my friends 3 year old loves when I make them this way...She refuses to eat them prepared any other way). Depending on appetite strength it should feed 4-6 people.

Erins Drunk Tacos


2-3 12 ounce or larger cans of any brand beer (NOT NON ALCOHOL BEER),2-3 lbs lean ground beef or comparable grade, onions (3 small or 2 large diced or sliced paper thin), 2 large peppers or several small(your choice as to color-hotness level)... (sliced jalepenos not recommended),garlic (1-2 cloves sliced thinly), salt-pepper to taste. Add other ingredents like mushrooms or other items to personalize this recipe,sliced lettuce,tomatoes, black olives , diced cheese (any variety) and sour cream is a good addition though not absolutely neceessary.Taco shells or tortillas are a good addition as well.


in a deep frying pan slowly brown(medium heat usually works best) add in garlic and cook a few more moments drain the beef of fat as needed, add in beer slowly and let fully brown - drain off all liquids try to reserve at least one half to full cup of liquids to separately brown the peppers and/or onions or other optional ingredents.once all ingredents are cooked dispose of all liquids and transfer ingredents to bowls/plates and serve on heated tortilla/burrito shells (to make roll ups) or taco shells (soft or hard for tacos), a bowlful of sliced lettuce,tomatoes,diced cheese (any variety), black olives and sour cream and you have a feast .
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