Yucatan Rice with Black Beans View Recipe

A blend of rice and black beans, with other traditional Mexican ingredients, that's sure to please a crowd!

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Mashed Potato Tacos

Try these satisfying tacos when you want comfort food in a jiffy. Mix with taco seasoning and serve with sautéed vegetables or a crisp green salad and...

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Meatballs in Chile Sauce

This easy dish can be a make-ahead dish that will transport the tastebuds of the lucky diners South-of-the-Border at any given time....

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Meatless Mexicali Mac and Cheese

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Meatloaf Mexicana

Stuff a pita pocket with any leftovers from this recipe for an outstanding Mexican Meatloaf Sandwich....

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Meaty Nacho Pizza

Nothing could be quicker or tastier than this Nacho Pizza. Treat your family and forget about calling the pizza delivery boy....

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Melted Cheese Dip (Dip de Queso Fundido)

Home-made tortilla chips or fresh veggie sticks next to a bowl of this dip is a party waiting to happen; just add people!...

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Mexicali Blackeyed Peas

These spicy blackeyed peas are delicious by themselves but for an added treat serve over steamed rice. For a vegetarian meal just add a prepared sala...

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Mexicali Chicken and Cheese Sandwiches

Kaiser rolls brimming with chicken and cheese - fantastic!...

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Mexicali Salad

This makes a cool, crisp accompaniment to all your favorite Mexican or spicy dishes. Make ahead to keep mealtime less hectic and have more time to sp...

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