Yucatan Rice with Black Beans View Recipe

A blend of rice and black beans, with other traditional Mexican ingredients, that's sure to please a crowd!

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Southwestern Pasta

A finalist in the 2002 Ortegar "Create a Fiesta, Win a Siesta!" Contest, this dish was submitted by Kay Niedenthal of Indianapolis, India...

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Speedy Santa Fe Black Beans and Rice

When time is at a premium use instant rice to create this quick and delightful black bean and rice side dish....

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Speedy Smoked Chicken Mexican Pizza

Smoked chicken and Roasted Garlic Salsa make for an exceptional flavor combination. This is sure to please the pizza lovers in your family. Add a...

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Spicy Asian Coleslaw with Grilled Chicken

Diced jalapeños add life and zest to this Spicy Asian Coleslaw with grilled chicken. Cabbage, green onions, rice vinega...

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Spicy Black Bean Salsa

Black beans and chipotle chiles add a whole new dimension to this spicy and chunky salsa. Serve with blue corn tortilla chips and turn up the fun....

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Spicy Burgers with Green Chile Mayo

Tired of the same old burgers? Try these salsa and taco seasoned Ortega Burgers with tasty green chile mayonnaise. Serve with crunchy tortilla chips a...

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Spicy Chicken Tortilla Casserole

Spicy chicken with sautéed vegetables and salsa gets layered between flour tortillas for a south-of-the-border casserole,...

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Spicy Chocolate Jalapeno Cake

This spicy chocolate cake tempts the palate with a spicy little surprise. Tucked among melted morsels and a draft of cinnamon lie bits of diced jalape...

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Spicy Cilantro Hummus

Easy dish that you will want to serve when entertaining.


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