Crunchy Salsa Chicken Bake View Recipe

Spice up your next chicken bake with this fun and easy crunchy salsa Mexican chicken bake recipe!

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Ortega Fiesta Bake

This is an easy casserole to prepare. It combines delicious Ortega taco filling with chile and cheese cornbread....

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Cheese Enchiladas

These cheesy roll-ups are great for a hungry crowd or as a savory accompaniment to simple grilled chicken. But don't forget the napkins for the zippy ...

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Cornbread Stuffing

Green chili peppers give this aromatic cornbread stuffing a little extra kick. Serve it as a side with your favorite poultry....

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Beefy Bean Burritos

Simplify your evening by preparing this hefty burrito, stuffed with all the fixings....

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Cowboy Beans

Cowboy Beans make an excellent side dish to your next Mexican feast....

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Ortega 7-Layer Dip

A football game, birthday party, company picnic or any occasion is a great excuse to serve this hearty 7-layer dip. It's easy to prepare and can be ma...

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Salsa Bean Dip

Whether you make it for a party or make it just to have around, this dip is a tasty Ortega snack you can whip up in minutes....

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Ortega Pizza

Make your own pizza without the bother of preparing conventional pizza crust and homemade sauce. This is a great recipe to share with your kids. They'...

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Taco Casserole

Casseroles aren't the same old boring, soggy, hot dishes they used to be. This recipe offers both appealing taste and texture. Ortega seasonings spice...

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