Yucatan Rice with Black Beans View Recipe

A blend of rice and black beans, with other traditional Mexican ingredients, that's sure to please a crowd!

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Rich and Zesty Tamale Pie

Tamale pie is a delicious dish to serve and enjoy family-style when you want the taste of tamales but prefer the ease of a casserole. Made with yellow

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Shrimp Enchiladas

Delicate, fresh shrimp are a delectable filling for Shrimp Enchiladas. Shredded cheese and bell pepper add color and richness to this quintessential e

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Shredded Pork Filling

A delicious shredded pork filling previously found in your favorite Mexican restaurant can now be duplicated at home. This is sure to become a family

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Shredded Chicken Filling

Whether used to fill tacos, enchilladas, burritos or tamales, this quick filling is sure to put dinner on the table in just minutes.

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Layered Monterey Pumpkin Dip

Expect the unexpected with the addition of pumpkin to a traditional layered dip. The more you eat the more you'll find yourself being drawn back. Good

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Ortega-Style Green Beans

Give new life to plain green beans with a spicy dressing of salsa and chiles. A great side-dish for any Mexican dinner.

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Ortega Hot Poppers

Just like those served in the local pub! Hot poppers are a trip for the taste buds.

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Ortega Green Chile Guacamole

More zip as you dip; the green chiles make this guacamole a real crowd pleaser.

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Ortega Gazpacho

Untangle the mystery of Gazpacho; this cool soup will soothe the heat of the day.

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