Mexican lasagna Makes a great church supper dish - served it last Sunday night at cathedral's annual potluck - "Southwestern Kitchen" was our table's theme.

Tia Sara's Enchilada Pie


Bowls (3)
Casserole dish (round or oval) or pie plate (pyrex)

1 doz. corn tortillas (large)
1 lb. ground beef, browned in skillet then set
aside in bowl #1
1+ diced onions - set aside in bowl #2
1+ lb. shredded or sliced cheddar cheese - set
aside in bowl #3
Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce - 1 med in skillet or
8 oz. tomato auce
1 lg. handful dried parsley flakes


Warm enchilada sauce to bubble, lower heat.

Spread 1 spoonful in bottom of casserole.

Dip 1st tortilla in sauce (soak), lay into bottom
of casserole, layer with
some cheese, beef, onion, and 1 spoonful of
sauce; meanwhile immerse 2nd
tortilla in sauce.

Repeat same routine until done.

As sauce simmers, keep adding bits of water.

Place extra cheese on top.

Bake until cheese melted, about 30 minutes or

Don't make too juicy so result isn't mushy.

Hot sauce on the side.
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