Lightly golden brown breads. In t Italy CooKing Olive oil. Now lid slice bread round. Do remove crust frying in oil And round fold half or spiral.

Transylvania Steak Chick Twists


Beef steak or chicken strips.
Either remove crust cut lid.
Onion celery hearts and ribs
White bread s 7-15". Once Like it Grows in a Bed.
Lettuce alone tomato cuke. Frying folding qtr. cup each.
Stirring Miracle Whip spoon.


Lengthwise slicing strips.
If frying boiling steak chick
Now spoon whip lettuce tomato
Dice slicing cucumber blend. And folding bread in half. Rolling filling spires in oil
Lengthwise spoon tomato sauce
If desiring cheese pepperoni.
Neapolitan artichoke
Golden Lightly Brown.
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