Easy and fast pizza for one

Unemployement Veggie Pizza


2 8" Ortega flour tortillas, 2 oz. chunky salsa (try mild first) or tomatoe sauce, 2 2/3 oz. American cheese slices. Rotary pizza cutter a must!


Place one tortilla on a large plate. Spoon or pour out sauce on its surface and spread...not too much as it will spill out later. Let this sit for a few minutes. Apply strips of the cheese slices to surface. Place second tortilla on top. Microwave on full for about 1 1/4 minutes. Let cool for a minute or so, slice and seperate into four parts using rotary cutter and microwave for another minute or so. This recipe is simple, inexpensive, low in fat (no added oil). With practice recipe is very flexible with any cheese, sauce and optional seasonings not having the expense of pre-heating an oven. ENJOY!
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